House League

Congratulations Team 5, winners of 2023-24 House League!

The Cambridge Badminton Club continues to be a competitive club whether it be through open badminton, external tournaments or within our own house league.  The house league teams are derived from all calibers of people and arranged in the most competitive teams possible.  The house league teams are formed at the beginning of the season and then certain teams play against each other every Wednesday night.

Teams & Schedule

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Cambridge Badminton Club’s house league for this upcoming season. We have done our best to ensure that all teams are fair and will be competitive. As part of your commitment to house league, you are required to be at the club and ready to play by 7:00 pm sharp on Wednesday nights when your team is scheduled to play. House league will be played on 3 courts only. Each player is assured 3 matches. A match is best 2 of 3 games. Should you not be able to attend a match, it is your responsibility to notify your team captain with as much notice as possible so that a suitable replacement may be found. Should you miss two or more matches (without a valid reason), you may be replaced with another member who can commit to the house league schedule.

House League Schedule


March 6 – Semi final 1: Team 4 vs. Team 6

Team 4 winners 6-3

March 20 – Semi final 2: Team 5 vs. Team 2

Team 5 winners 5-4

March 27 – Final : Team 4 vs. Team 5

Team 5 winners 6-3